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Law Enforcement

At the Heart of Notification, Investigation & Prosecution

Law enforcement in Kentucky will play a central role in notifying survivors that their SAFE kits were analyzed, as well as investigating sexual assault cold cases. Training and resources have been developed to assist local police departments and sheriffs offices in approaching these unique and challenging cases.

Survivor Notification

One of the first steps in handling a backlog case is to collaborate with community advocates and prosecution to determine a plan for notifying the survivor of the test results. Protocol and guidelines for conducting the notification have been developed.


KentuckyBacklog.com has compiled resources to guide law enforcement in conducting these challenging cold cases.  

Media Assistance

These backlog cases are expected to draw attention from the local and state media. Law enforcement is encouraged to refer journalists to this website for background on the backlog effort, details about the process for testing the kits, an FAQ and other resources.

NEW: The Courier-Journal's Matthew Glowicki talks to Louisville Metro Police about the survivor notifications they have begun making. This is a great inside-look into a challenging process.

Contact Stephenie Hoelscher with KASAP or Laura Sudkamp at the KSP Forensic Laboratory for additional assistance.