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Advocating for Cold Case Survivors

Build a Brighter Future

Advocating for sexual assault survivors whose SAFE kits were previously untested is not entirely unique, although it does present some additional challenges and opportunities. Below are some resources to assist in this process.

It is recommended that law enforcement work with advocates to engage survivors whose kits were previously untested

Approaching Survivors

Answer questions about DNA, the testing process, possible outcomes and more.


A consent form devised for survivors to consent to information being shared with law enforcement if advocates conduct the notification without law enforcement present. 

Consent Form for Survivors

A visual to give to law enforcement that explains how community advocates can assist in the notification effort.

Guide for Law Enforcement

Self-care is critical for advocates who are doing this hard work of helping survivors.


The National SAKI TTA Team has compiled victim advocate resources to help victims on their path to recovery.

Additional Resources

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