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Information For Survivors

Kentucky is one of many states taking steps to address previously unsubmitted sexual assault evidence kits. We are committed to making sure that, going forward, agencies properly submit kits to be tested following a sexual assault.


While we cannot undo any harm that may have resulted from this delay, we are committed to easing this process for survivors by providing information about their case and connecting them with services that may assist them in healing and seeking justice.

Need Help?

Call 1-800-656-HOPE

If you are a victim or know someone who is a victim, help is available. Victims of any type of sexual assault that occurred recently or long ago, including rape, sodomy, child sexual abuse (available at some centers), incest, and sexual harassment are eligible.

Crisis services are free of charge, but some long-term services may charge based on a sliding scale. There is help for victims of all genders and sexual preferences, college students (even if their home is outside Kentucky), and family members and friends close to victims of any type of sexual assault. 

Locate the Nearest Rape Crisis Center

There are 13 rape crisis centers that serve ALL survivors AND family members and friends of survivors.

Contact Us

Find out if your kit was tested and get answers to other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer questions about DNA, the testing process, possible outcomes and more.

Your Team

A guide to the individuals and agencies who may be involved in your case.

About the Justice System

A guide to the legal process for criminal cases in Kentucky.

Other Resources

Find other resources that may assist in your journey to healing.

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Regional Rape Crisis Centers

There are 13 rape crisis centers that serve all 120 counties in Kentucky. Services are available to ALL survivors, regardless of where the assault occurred.

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Was My Kit Tested?

Your kit is more than just evidence collection—it also represents the trauma and pain that you endured.

To find out whether your kit was submitted for testing and/or to learn where your kit is in the testing process, please call 502-696-5312 and ask to speak to a member of the KySAKI Cold Case Unit.

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