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Prosecuting Cold Case Sexual Assaults

Build a Brighter Future

As forensic test results are returned and DNA is matched to perpetrators, the focus shifts to prosecuting these cold cases. Resources exist to assist prosecutors in handling these challenging cases.

How-To Guide

Kentucky's SAFE kit reform leaders created this guide to assist prosecutors in prosecuting these cases.


Answer questions about DNA, the testing process, possible outcomes, and more.


The Attorney General through SAKI has resources available to assist prosecutors.

Overcoming Common Defenses

The National SAKI TTA Team has prepared resources for challenging consent defenses and defenses used in substance-facilitated assaults.

Educating Juries 

The National SAKI TTA Team has compiled tools for educating juries & using expert testimony.

AEquitas Resources

This is the preeminent resource for providing technical assistance and training to prosecutors on sexual violence cases.

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